Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Iris Sketch

I have been following along with the Sketchbook Challenge.  The theme for April was opening.  I know that we are now into May.  But, I was dazzled by watching and waiting for this iris to open.  I was inspired by many of the artist's postings on the blog.  I enjoy browsing through the drawings posted to the Flickr Sketchbook Challenge Group.

I never liked to grow irises because they bloom for such a short period of time.  I was waiting and waiting for this iris to bloom, and when it did, it was the most unusual and beautiful color I had ever seen.  It was between lilac and a light blue.  It is not quite the color I have in this drawing.  The color is unique and stunning.

I always avoid drawing irises because it seems so intimidating. 

It is located on the way to my front door, and every time I passed by it, I wanted to draw it.

I dug it out from my mother-in-law's garden.  She passed a few years ago, but the flower reminds me of her passion for flowers and gardening.

Blue Lilac Iris 
Blue-Lilac Iris
Lilac Iris
Iris: Watercolor pencils and ink.